Objectives of Fire and Gas System

The main objectives of the fire and gas system are to protect personnel, environment, and plant (including equipment and structures).

The FGS shall achieve these objectives by:

  • Detecting at an early stage, the presence of flammable gas,
  • Detecting at an early stage, the liquid spill (LPG and LNG),
  • Detecting incipient fire and the presence of fire,
  • Providing automatic and/or facilities for manual activation of the fire protection system as required,
  • Initiating environmental changes to keep liquids below their flash point
  • Initiating signals, both audible and visible as required, to warn of the detected hazards,
  • Initiating automatic shutdown of equipment and ventilation if 2 out of 2 or 2 out of 3 detectors are triggered,
  • Initiating the exhausting system.