Oil Burner Maintenance

Oil burner could very easily be damaged for the duration of cleaning, but oil burner should be cleaned and maintained at regular periods of oil burner maintenance to eliminate little amounts of gum or carbon that often form and also could prevent proper atomisation. An oil burner removed for cleaning and maintenance should be stripped down based on oil burner maker’s instructions and drenched in paraffin or diesel oils.

If the solids had melted, the oil burner components must be cleaned by using a smooth rag free from everything which may scratch metal. The leftover deposits can certainly then be eliminated with a wood scraper, really smooth metal or maybe something hard will not certainly damage the oil burner parts surfaces. Several of the oil burner makers supply exclusive ‘dollies ‘of smooth metal intended for cleaning out the compact jets.

These are generally of the proper dimension and design for the oil fired boiler concerned and also no attempt have to be made to push through a mistakenly sized dolly or severe deterioration will occur. When any kind of part of oil burner gets to be worn or damaged, or even an orifice gets to be deformed, a substitution of that part must be provided.

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