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Questions Valves

  1. Valves are defined as devices to control, or regulate the commencement and -------of air

  2. On resetting valves, for example those equipped with a return spring, the -----position is the
    position assumed by the moving parts of the valve when it is connected but not actuated.

  3. Direct control of a valve means that valve is caused to operate directly by actuating element
    without any -----------elements being operated.

  4. ----------------automatically limit flow to a single direction at the point where they are installed in
    an air line.

  5. In pressure regulating valve inlet pressure is ----------than the outlet pressure.

  6. Poppet valves give --------- stroke and few wearing parts give minimum wear

  7. The quick exhaust valve is used to exhaust the cylinder air quickly to -----------------

  8. compared with hydraulic systems, -----varieties of pressure control valves are used in pneumatics

  9. As per ISO 1219-1:2006 designation, number 12 or 14 indicate -------------- ports

  10. In rotary spool directional control valve , rotating part is called ----- and stationary part is

  11. The two most common basic flow control devices used in a pneumatic system are fixed-sized
    orifices and _____ valves.

  12. The meter ----flow-control circuit is the preferred method to use for controlling the operating
    speed of cylinders in pneumatic circuits.

State True or False

  1. Restrictor check valves are non return valves which are also employed as flow control valves.

  2. Quick exhaust valves are designed to decrease the position speed in the cylinder
    3 spring force set on a pressure limiting valve or sequence valve corresponding to minimum
    permissible or minimum desired pressure of the controlled fluid.

  3. Ball seat valves ensure perfect sealing at all times in pneumatic circuit

  4. Two way valves are used where a pure straightway function is required, that is when downstream
    equipment does not need exhausting to the atmosphere via this valve.

  5. The pressure sequence valve holds the working pressure largely constant.

  6. Two pressure valve is the pneumatic OR valve

  7. Shuttle valve is the pneumatic OR valve.

  8. Pressure loss in manifold type valve is more than inline type valves

  9. Suspended disc type valve has very long actuation movement


Fill in the Blanks

  1. direction
  2. neutral
  3. intermediate
  4. Non return valves
  5. higher
  6. Shorter
  7. atmosphere.
  8. few
  9. pilot
  10. core/sleeve
  11. Needle
    12 Out

State True or False

  1. True
  2. False
  3. False
  4. False
  5. True
  6. True
  7. False
  8. True
  9. False
  10. False