Open Feed Water Heater (Deaerator)


An open feadwater heater , also called direct-contact and deaerating (DA) heater , is one that heats the feedwater by directly mixing it with bled steam from the turbine. Usually only one DA is used at Power Plant.

Because the pressure in such a heater can’t exceed the turbine pressure at the point of extraction, a pump (Main Boiler Feed Water Pump) must follow the heater. The confluence of steam and water flows makes possible the efficient removal of non-condensables as well as the heating of the feedwater.


The DA heater is usually positioned in the feedwater line at a pressure to prevent air inleakage and at a temperature at which Oxygen retention is least likely. Most DA heaters are designed for Oxygen concentration in the outlet feedwater below 0.005Cm3/L

The DA outlet feedwater is at or near saturation. Pumping saturated water results in cavitation because of the pressure drop below saturated pressure, thus causing flashing on the back side of pump vanes. The DA heater is therefore usually positioned in the powerplant steam-generator house high above its pump by perhaps 60 ft. This provides sufficient pump inlet pressure to render the saturated water compressed (or subcooled) and prevents cavitations.