Operation of Weigh bridge

Operation of Wagon tippler weigh bridge.

  1. Switch ON the PC
  2. Go to Icon wagon tippler weigh bridge
  3. Double click on the icon
  4. Main menu will appear on the screen.
  5. Go to weighing
  6. Selected Rake No from 1 to 50 and enter the number.
  7. Press Gross switch when loaded wagon is placed on the platform.
  8. Press Tare switch after tippling the loaded wagon and empty wagon on the platform.
  9. Continue the process for rest of the wagons.
  10. Exit from weighing
  11. Go to file
  12. Go to pending file and click on edit
  13. Enter the same Rake No.
  14. Enter Rake ID No. Product code and Customer code.
  15. Go to Wagon data entry and click on edit.
  16. Enter the wagon Numbers at wagon details, continue the process by enter key to enter the data up to 58 wagon.
  17. Exit from file and go to Ticket and click on it
  18. Go to Current Transaction and enter Rake No. for Print and after successful printing click on Move to Transaction and it will ask Yes or No press Yes to move the record to transaction and the used rake No. will appear again in weighing for reuse the same.
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