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PID Control Loop Tuning Software With Advanced Process Control (APC) and Model-based Control (MPC) Functions.

PID Control Loop Tuning Software

This software is a comprehensive primary and advanced process control (APC) simulator and optimizer. With this, you can build simulations to mimic any process in just a few minutes.

This is modern and unique Primary PID Tuning and Advanced Process Control design and optimization software which works entirely in the closed-loop mode without any step-test in the time domain. Unlike competitor PID controller software, this works from fast millisecond scan times to seconds, minutes, and multiples of minutes. This allows simulation from super-fast compressor-surge control loops to very slow distillation column online analyzer-based purity control loops.

Figure 1 shows the PID main simulation screen. Many important process control parameters can be accessed from a single screen. This software PID has a very convenient and easy user interface.

An overview list of Pitops-PID features are shown below:

PID Software Functions

  • Single/Slave PID simulation and tuning optimization
  • Cascade/multiple cascade simulation and tuning optimization
  • Override constraint control schemes
  • Random (white) noise, to precisely match the actual noise level seen on DCS
  • Slow process drift representative of slow and medium-fast disturbances actually seen in DCS
  • Internal model control (IMC) simulation
  • Dead time compensated (DTC) controller implementation and optimization
  • Feedforward simulation and optimization
  • Model-based control using regressed and/or rigorous model
  • Production rate maximizer design and parameter optimization
  • Millisecond surge control tuning and optimization
  • Integrating transfer function tuning and optimization
  • First order, second order with dead time simulations
  • Open-loop unstable process dynamics simulation and characterization
  • Simulation and optimization of nonlinear processes
  • Control valve characterization
  • Optimizing PID parameters to deal with Control valve stiction or deadband
  • Gap action control simulation


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