PLC 16-bit Counting Up Latched Counter

PLC Counter Example

Daily Production Record (16-bit Counting Up Latched Counter)

Control Purpose:

  1. The production line may be powered off accidentally or turned off for noon break. The program is to control the counter to retain the counted number and resume counting after the power is ON again.

  2. When the daily production reaches 500, the target completed indicator will be ON to remind the operator for keeping a record.

  3. Press the Clear button to clear the history records. The counter will start counting from 0 again.


Program Description:

  1. The latching counter is demanded for the situation of retaining data when power-off.

  2. When a product is completed, C120 will count for one time. When the number reaches 500,target completed indicator Y0 will be ON.

  3. For different series of DVP-PLC, the setup range of 16-bit latching counter is different. C112 ~ C127 for ES/EX/SS series, C96 ~ C199 for SA/SX/SC series and C100 ~ C199 for EH series.