PLC MCQ on Various Instructions

Question 1:

Examine-on instruction in PLC language is symbolically represented by what shape?

A. -] [-
B. -( )-
C. -]/[-
D. None of these

Question 2:

The symbol -(L)- represent what instruction in the PLC language?

A. OUT output unlatch instruction.
B. OTL output latch instruction.
C. Examine off instruction.
D. Output energizes instruction.

Question 3:

The address T4:6.ACC is used to address what?

A. Accumulator for timer 4 in file 6.
B. Preset value of timer 6 in file 4.
C. Accumulator for timer 6 in file 4.
D. Accumulator for counter 6 in file 4.

Question 4:

To reset the time for a PLC what condition must be true?

A. Reset rung of TON must be true.
B. Reset rung of TON must be false.
C. RST instruction with timer address must be true.
D. RST instruction with associated timer address must be false.

Question 5:

To increase the number of inputs and outputs of the PLC, one can use expansion modules.

A. True.
B. False.
C. None of the above.

Question 6:

Solenoids, lamps, motors are connected to:

A. Analog output.
B. Digital output.
C. Analog input.
D. Digital input

Question 7:

In a counter instruction if the accumulator value becomes greater than or equal to the preset value then which of the following is true?

A. CU bit goes on.
B. DN bit goes on.
C. Both CU and DN bits go on.
D. None of the above

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