Potentiometer feedback of Control Valve


There is a compressor slide valve. feedback is potentiometer connected to a 4-20mA transmitter. Existing potentiometer resistance is 1 Kohm. My question is, If I replace 1 KOHM potentiometer with a 10 K ohm, will the circuit work and still get feedback or I have to make other adjustments ?

Other than resistance, any other thing I should look at when selecting an alternative potentiometer?

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If you change the resistance value then the output current range will change accordingly.

So you will not get correct valve position feedback.

hi Santhosh,

Can you please explain this in more detail, like mathematically.

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and is it a simple configuration change in the control system to get the correct range?

First of all, why you want to replace 1k ohm potentiometer with 10k ohms? Try to use the same value.

You can install the 10k ohms potentiometer and measure the output current when the valve is in 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Accordingly you have to do configuration in DCS or PLC systems. There will be some bias value to be added because of change in resistance. But, please kindly note, these type of modifications are not standard and not recommended. Also, there will be a chance that linearity may not be there.