Power Plant Chlorination System

The chlorination system in power plant or dosing liquid chemicals is installed to treat the water (scale inhibition and bio-fouling protection) to use in main cooling water system.

Chlorination system shall be supplied to provide continuous and intermittent shock chlorine dosing to the seawater intake to fulfill the need of the chlorine for the whole Power Plantpurposes.

The chlorination system shall have sufficient capacity to allow intermittent shock dosing of hypochlorite selection into the intake CW pump which can then be directed into either or the circulating water systems by appropriate sectional isolation of the CW discharge header.

It is the intent of this specification that a proven and reliable system shall be provided. The chemicals and dosage rate shall be established to control of corrosion, bio fouling and scale formation efficiently and also maintaining residual chlorine in the cooling water discharge from the main condensers considering the Environmental Regulation, plant performance and life, water quality variations, economies of chemical, etc.

The chlorination system shall consist of the following dosing systems:

  • Sodium Hypochlorite dosing system with dosing pumps
  • Valves and piping
  • Chlorination dosing package, this package has dosing pumps. A test kit for dosing pump is provided for measuring the bacterial content. For the common drives like the filing pump & the chemical drain pump a receptacle is provided for each of the pumps.

The chlorination system shall be arranged and designed to provide complete flexibility of operation in terms of solution strength dosing quantity and treatment timings. The solution shall be injected into the sumps by injection pump from the chemical dosing tank, however.

The chlorination system should be equipped with all of the system in a complete set including piping, valves, pumps, control and instrumentation, equipment and accessories as required for normal operation. The system shall be including to the following component but not limited to:

  1. NaOCl dosing pumps
  2. Bromine dosing pumps
  3. Scale Inhibitor dosing pumps
  4. NaOCI dosing tank
  5. Bromine dosing tank
  6. Scale Inhibition dosing tank
  7. Chemical drain pumps
  8. Residual Chlorine Analyzer skid comprising of Y-type Strainer, Self Priming Pump, and Residual Chlorine Analyzer
  9. Chemical agitator equipment (including automatic stirrer) and accessories
  10. Safety equipment including as follow but not limited to:
  • Eye Wash Station and Safety Shower
  • Warning Horn
  • Breathing apparatus (with mask and Glove)

All components of chlorination system shall be made with suitable materials and has good corrosion / chemical resistant for long time operation.

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