Pressure Measurement Lab Viva Questions

Pressure Measurement Lab Viva Questions . Do you know any other questions which are not covered in below list ? Share with us.

  1. Explain Bourdon tube and its types

  2. Explain about bellows with neat diagram

  3. Explain about diaphragm with diagram

  4. Explain Piezoresistive pressure sensor and capacitive pressure transducer

  5. Explain hot and cold cathode type ionization gauge

  6. Describe the pressure measurement using (i) LVDT with diagram, (ii) Capacitive

  7. Explain the pressure measurement for the following categories (i) McLeod gauge (ii)
    Thermal conductivity gauge

  8. Discuss the principle and the construction of LVDT with neat diagram. Explain the
    merits and demerits

  9. With a neat sketch derive and explain any two types of Manometers.

  10. How are the following transducers used to measure low pressure? (i) Thermocouple
    vacuum gauge (ii) Pirani gauge (iii) Ionization gauge

  11. Explain the concept of vacuum measurement with one example

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