Public address and alarm system, PABX, CCTV

Public address and alarm system (PA)

Public Address and Alarm System equipment should be located above deck level as follows:

• Loudspeakers, 2000-3000 mm.
• PA flashing lights, maximum 3000 mm.

Loudspeakers shall not be located above suspended ceilings or behind obstructions, which will
hinder free space sound distribution.

Loudspeakers shall be installed to allow for future adjustments as follows:

• At the horizontal plane, 180 ° deg.
• Downwards 90 °deg. from the vertical plane.

Telephone system (PABX)

Telephone system equipment shall be located above deck level as following:

• Flashing lights, maximum 3000 mm.
• Telephones approximately 1400 mm.
• Acoustic hoods minimum 2100 mm to top of hood.

CCTV equipment

To prevent vibrations, camera brackets shall be made sufficiently rigid to provide appropriate
stability in all directions.