Purging on/off

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Question : i didnt know, where can i started…please help to connect those things with 1 hour purging on, and 30 minute purging off… :pray:


selector 3way
Relay omron (2ea)
Timer omron (2ea)
Solenoid (1ea)
Pilot lamp red/green
Pressure gauge 100 psi
Filter air (1ea)
2ea fuse
20ea terminal

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What is the application and requirements of this purging circuit.

For slip rings rotary kiln, He cleans the circle of data slips in the kiln rotation, so that the data received about heat in MMI is not eratic you wanna help me to build those thing, please because dont know where can i started

Check this guide on Timer Relays, it may useful.

Timer Relays Guide.pdf (2.5 MB)

Is not working