Questions on Instrumentation and Control

List of Questions and Answers on Instrumentation and Control Engineering for interview preparation and technical queries.

  1. Why is signal transmission vital in the operation of large industrial process

  2. What is the accepted standard industrial range for pneumatic signals?

  3. List two advantages and two disadvantages of a pneumatic system.

  4. What is the standard instrument range for electronic signals?

  5. Why are electronic signals used almost exclusively in industrial process
    systems, particularly electrical generating stations?

  6. Both pneumatic and electronic signals employ a “live zero”. Explain the
    purpose of this live zero.

  7. A standard electronic transmitter is used to monitor the water temperature in a
    vessel. The transmitter is calibrated such that it responds to the temperature
    range of 50°C - 100°C. What is the transmitter output when the water
    temperature is 85°C? (Answer: 15.2 mA)

  8. Explain briefly what a trend recorder is, and why one would be utilized.

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