Questions on Level Measuring Devices

List of Questions and answers on Level Measuring Devices used in level measurement.

  1. State the relationship between pressure at the base of the tank and liquid
    column height.

  2. Sketch a level transmitter installation for a closed tank application. Show all
    necessary pipe connections.

  3. Sketch and explain the function of a three valve manifold.

  4. Describe an operating sequence for the three valve manifold when a d/P
    transmitter has to be placed into service. Assume that the static pressure
    could over-range the capsule if incorrectly applied.

  5. What is the difference between a “dry” leg and a “wet” leg in closed tank

  6. In a wet leg installation, the low pressure side of the DP transmitter always
    experiences a higher pressure than the high pressure side. What would be
    the effect of reversing the connections such that the wet leg is connected to
    the high pressure side of the transmitter.

  7. When a wet leg installation is used, the “zero” has to be elevated. Explain
    the reason for this zero elevation.

  8. Briefly explain the principle of operation of a bubbler system.

  9. List the two main advantages of the bubbler system in a nuclear system.

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