RAPIEnet (Real-time Automation Protocols for Industrial Ethernet)

RAPIEnet (Real-time Automation Protocols for Industrial Ethernet) is Korea’s first Ethernet international standard for real-time data transmission.

An Ethernet-based industrial networking protocol developed in-house by LSIS guarantees real-time transmission and is registered as an international standard.[2] (IEC 61158-3-21: 2010, IEC 61158-4-21: 2010, IEC 61158-5-21: 2010, IEC 61158-6-21: 2010, IEC 61784-2: 2010, IEC 62439-7)

An embedded Ethernet switch with two ports enables the network expansion in a daisy chain without the need for an additional external switch, easy installation and wiring reduction.

With 100Mbit/s/1Gbit/s transmission speed, electrical and optical media can be used together.

Supports transmission modes such as Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast.

Supports "Store & Forward”and “Cut Through” switching.

System Diagram Using RAPIEnet