Remote Seal Pressure Transmitters Response Characteristics

Temperature errors occur if the fill fluid in the remote seal and in the capillaries expands or contracts as a result of temperature effects. The temperature error depends on the diaphragm charateristic, the influence of the fill fluid, and the influence of the fill fluid under the process flanges or in the flanges on the transmitter (volume minimized for remote seals).


Diaphragm characteristic

The charateristic of the remote seal is of great importance. The larger the diaphragm diameter, the softer it is. In comparison to a smaller diaphragm, this means that it can respond far easier to temperature-based expansions of the filling liquid. The result is that low measuring ranges are only possible with large diaphragm diameters. In addition, the diaphragm thickness, its material, and any coatings which may be present must also be considered.

Fill fluid

All fill fluids expand or contract when the temperature varies. Temperature-independent errors can be minimized by selecting a suitable filling liquid, but it must also be ensured that the filling liquid is appropriate for the temperature limits and operating pressure. For food and beverage as well as pharmaceutical applications see reference for FDA approved fill fluids. Since the fill fluid is present under the remote seal diaphragm, in the capillaries and under the process flanges of the transmitter, the temperature error must be calculated separately for each combination.

Response time

The response time depends on the internal diameter of the capillaries, the viscosity of the filling liquid, the capillary extension length, and the pressure in the measuring system:

Internal diameter:

The response time decreases as the internal diameter increases, but the temperature error increases due to increased oil volume.


The response time increases as the viscosity increases.

Capillary length:

The capillary length has a proportional effect on the response time and the temperature error.

Measuring system pressure:

The response time decreases as the pressure in the measuring system increases