Removing and Reinstalling a Housing Assembly

To remove and reinstall a housing assembly (field transmitter), proceed as follows:

  1. Turn off the transmitter power source.

  2. Remove the electronics compartment cover by rotating it counterclockwise. Screw in cover lock if applicable.

  3. Remove the digital display (if applicable) as follows: grasp the two tabs on the display and rotate it about 10° in a counterclockwise direction. Pull out the display and disconnect its cable.

  4. Remove the electronics module from the housing by loosening the two captive screws that secure it to the housing. Then pull the module out of the housing far enough to gain access to the cable connectors on the rear of the module.

  5. Unplug all cable connectors from the rear of the electronics module and place the module on a clean surface. Be careful when removing the cable connectors from the headers on the electronics module or damage may occur. Connectors should be disconnected by gently rocking while pulling them away.

  6. Remove the red lacquer from the screw recess in the housing’s retention clip. Remove the screw completely, and slide the clip off the housing. Save the clip and screw for future use.

  7. Remove the housing by rotating it counterclockwise (when viewed from the top). Use caution to avoid damaging the sensor cable.

  8. Inspect the sensor O-ring for damage. If the O-ring is damaged, replace it with the appropriate O-ring. (See parts list for your transmitter). Lubricate the O-ring with silicone lubricant. Verify that the O-ring is situated in the groove of the neck.

  9. Twist the sensor cable through the housing neck into the electronics compartment.

  10. Screw the housing onto the sensor neck until it bottoms. Do not over tighten. Be careful not to damage the sensor cable or dislodge the neck O-ring.

  11. Insert the retention clip over the boss in the housing neck so that the hole in the clip is aligned with the hole in the boss. Install the screw but do not tighten it. Rotate the housing up to one full turn counterclockwise for optimum access. Tighten the retention clip screw and fill the screw recess with red lacquer. The housing can still be rotated for optimum access.

  12. Predetermine connector orientation, then insert the cable connectors into the electronics module. Replace the module in the housing using care not to pinch the cables between the module and the housing. Tighten the two screws that secure the module to the housing.

  13. Connect the cable from the digital display to the electronics module. Ensure that the O-ring is fully seated in the display housing. Then, holding the digital display by the tabs at the sides of the display, insert it into the housing. Secure the display to the housing by aligning the tabs on the sides of the assembly and rotating it about 10° in a clockwise direction.

  14. When replacing a housing cover, hand tighten it as much as possible so that the O-ring is fully captured. The flange of the cover should come in contact with the flange on the housing.

  15. Reinstall the cover onto the housing by rotating it clockwise to seat the O-ring into the housing and then continue to hand tighten until the cover contacts the housing metal-to-metal. If cover locks are present, lock the cover per the procedure.

  16. Turn on the transmitter power source.