RTD or Thermocouple Check In Live Plant


How can we Check and Solve RTD and Thermocouple if some showing error reding on Live plant… what is the procedure & and what is the precautions before do any thing…So kindly request to all members please give me right answer… because I am new in Instrumentation…I want learn more about…



Check the below articles

For RTD - check here

For Thermocouple - check here

Also check the topics posted in “Temperature Measurement” in this forum.


I see this article… But I didn’t get right answer about my question… so anybody please explain to me what is the procedure for checking error RTD and TC in live plant


Hi, Can you share your experiences with RTD or thermocouple problems, so we can assist you.


Actually I don’t know how to check RTD or Thermocouple in Live plant… that why I ask question to this forums…


With an RTD you can either check the OHMS or get a meter and do the conversion or get a meter that will perform the conversion for you.

Same for a TC except youll be looking at mV the red wire is always your Negative on a TC.

on an RTD you will have at least 3 wires the two that are the same color are your negatives tie them together and test it as a 2 wire.

Test both at the head do not pull it from the Thermowell unless you have to and never pull your thermowell from the line.

Also if you have to change the actual element make sure your Thermowell isn’t compromised so that you don’t leak process everywhere or get hurt or killed.