Safety Inspection Check for Workshop

What are the required Safety Inspection Check for Workshop and mention the steps involved in checking.

Safety Inspection Check for Workshop

  1. Is the workshop outside a hazardous area?

  2. Does the electrical installations look satisfactory?

  3. Are there any temporary electrical installations?

  4. Are there 3 means of cutting off the electrical supply to any machine?

  5. Is the local stop/emergency button well labelled & in red?

  6. Is any “dead man” handle being bypassed?

  7. Are all moving parts adequately guarded?

  8. Is there a maintenance/lubrication schedule set down for each machine? If so is it being followed?

  9. Is the machine operator competent? Has he received adequate training & instruction?

  10. Is there at least 0.8 m x 0.8 m around each machine for access?

  11. Is the noise level less than 85 dBA?

  12. Is the correct personnel protective equipment being worn?

  13. Are warning signs adequate and clear?

  14. Are all lifting devices correctly marked, tested and colour coded?

  15. Is the operating (& maintenance) manual of each machine in the workshop?

  16. Is the workshop clean & tidy? Are walkways clear?

  17. Is the ventilation OK for both the workshop & each machine?

  18. Are any chemicals being stored in the workshop? If so why?

  19. Is illumination for each machine adequate? Is there a light for each machine to reduce shadows?