SafetyNET p communication

SafetyNET p is a standard for Ethernet-based fieldbus communication in automation technology.

SafetyNET p is suitable as a drive bus due to its real-time behaviour, with cycle times of up to 62,5 µs. In accordance with the standard requirements from EN 61508 and EN 61511, it can be used in safety circuits up to and including Category 3, SIL 3.

In addition to its use as an Ethernet-based fieldbus, a key component in the application of SafetyNET p is the communication of data with a safety-related content. SafetyNET p can be used anywhere that communicated data has to be consistent in terms of time and content, in order to safeguard against danger. This danger may concern hazards to life and limb, but may also involve the protection of economic assets.

A second application area is the communication of data in real-time. With bus cycle times of up to 62,5 µs, SafetyNET p can even be used in extremely time-critical areas.

Typical application areas are:

  • Factory automation (e. g. car production, presses)
  • Transport technology (e. g. cable cars, fairground rides)
  • Drive technology (e. g. sensor/actuator control loop in drives or industrial robots)

In general, all automation and process engineering applications are possible.