SCADA Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

In this article, we shared the basic SCADA Engineer Interview Questions and Answers for your job preparation.

SCADA Interview Questions:

Different Levels of SCADA?

Answer: Different levels are SCADA systems are:

  1. Field level devices and instruments eg: Sensors
  2. Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)
  3. Communication system present between the RTUs and Main Station
  4. Main Control Station or Master Station
  5. Computer systems pertained to processing the data for displaying to operator

Why SCADA systems are Implemented?

Answer: Some of the reasons or advantages why SCADA systems are implemented are:

  1. SCADA systems improves the performance of the operation of the plant

  2. SCADA systems provides better protection to the equipment of the plant

  3. SCADA systems improves productivity of the personnel

  4. Information receives very fast, process the information and display it to opertor in graphs and plots. Hence helps the operator to take the decisions fast.

  5. Provides better energy savings and saves economy.

What is the capacity of CPU of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)?

Answer: Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) contain generally microprocessor having 16 bit or 32 bit (eg: 68302 or 80386)

What is the Power Supply provided to the RTU?

Answer: Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are operated from 110V/240V + or - 10% and 50Hz or 12/24/48V + or - 10% DC Voltage

What are advantages of PLCs over RTUs?

Answer: Advantages of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are they can be used for general purpose can easily set for verity of functions. Some of the advantages of PLCs over RTUs are: PLCs are reliable, cheap, flexible compared to RTUs, sophisticated control and troubleshooting in PLC is easier.


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