SCADA System Applications

Applications of SCADA:

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems have a wide range of applications. SCADA technology is widely used where the process systems spread in wide range of area away from control center. These process system applications require control, monitor and frequent intervention for better operation of the system. In these applications the process system can be controlled by Master Station through two way communication. Control applications of SCADA includes opening and closing switches, circuit breakers, valves, and starting and stopping of the motors etc…

Applications in power plant control:

A group of Hydro and Gas generation plants are to be started when the load demand exceeds the generating capacity, these plants are considered as peak load plants because these plants can start in no time and deliver power to the grid. These plants will be located in the remote locations. These plants can be controlled by opening and closing the valves of the turbine so that they can deliver the power in peak conditions and can be kept on standby during normal load conditions.

Applications in Oil and Gas Industry:

Many process control parameters and equipments such as fluid measurement equipment, gathering systems and pumps which are spread over the wide area in the field. Control and monitoring applications include turning on and off the motors and pumps, gathering meter information of various process parameters (pressure, viscosity, flow rate…) continuously and takes certain decisions. This can be done through SCADA systems which monitor and control the processes.

Applications in pipelines:

Pipelines carrying oil, gas, chemicals and water which are located at varying distance from the plant needs continuous monitor and control. Control includes opening and closing of valves, starting and stopping the pumps. Monitoring the flow rate, and other parameters to avoid leakage in the pipelines by acquiring the data and carrying out suitable controls if required through SCADA systems

Applications in Power Transmission:

Electrical power transmission which is spread over thousands of kilometers can be controlled by opening and closing of the circuit breakers and other functions, this is done in master control substation which can control the other substations through SCADA systems.

Application in Irrigation system:

Irrigation systems which are spread over wide area can be controlled by closing or opening the valves, gather the meter values of amount of water supplied and can control from the master station if required.