Schneider modicon application password

Dear all,

can anyone help me to decode the password for schneider m340 modicon application program.

I had uploaded program from a schnider modicon m340 plc using unity pro
6.0. unfortunately all the blocks inside the same are password protected.

is there any possibilty to crack these passwords.

thanks and regards


If you forget your password, proceed as indicated in the following procedures and contact Schneider Electric support.

Unity Pro Application Password

Schneider Electric support needs a number displayed from the Password dialog box reached in following conditions:

  1. At open time, select the application and the Password dialog box is displayed.

  2. At auto-lock time, the Password dialog box is displayed. If you do not remember the password, select Close. Open the application again and the Password dialog box is displayed.

NOTE: When the application is closed without entering a password after an auto-lock, all modifications are lost.

Procedure for resetting the application password:

Step Action

1 Condition: The Password dialog box is displayed.
2 Press SHIFT+F2. Result: A grayed number is displayed in the right side of the Password dialog box.
3 Give this number to Schneider Electric support.
4 Receive the generated password from Schneider Electric support.
NOTE: The password is a temporary password, available as long as the application is not modified.
5 Enter this password.
6 Modify the password (old password = password provided by Schneider Electric support).
7 Click Build → Build Changes.
8 Save the application.