Siemens PLC upload

This article describes how to upload the siemens s7-300 PLC project.

Step 1: Create a new project in Simatic Manager Step7 5.5 with proper name and path.

Siemens S7-300 Upload

Step 2: Make SET PG/PC setting.

We have so many way depends on type off plc to choose communication protocol list are below

PC Adapter

CP 5512


TS Adapter

We are use hare PC Adapter its convenient to use

Make SET PG PC settings

We make the setting hare PC Adapter (MPI)

Select Transmission rate,

Select Transmission  rate

MPI address (This is your pg MPI Address not of plc MIP Address )

Step 3: Select PLC & upload PLC Backup

Select PLC option from toolbar

Select Upload Station To PG.

Select Upload Station To PG

Select View :It will display the online PLC select PLC which you want to upload and click on ok

Upload process start

Step 4: Project upload is done

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