Steam Equipment’s

offer to the world power generation industry steam & water analysis systems (SWAS), where we take care of variety of design aspects related to sample extraction (probes), sample transportation (impulse tubing), sample conditioning (sampling systems) and sample analysis (analysers). We work more like your partners to design systems that are simple to operate, easy to maintain & give you value for money.

Designed in accordance with ASME PTC 19.11

Our systems offer some unique features, such as:

  • Real-time data about critical parameters needed to manage the water chemistry for efficient operation of the power plant.
  • Enhanced safety features to protect operator and plant equipment
  • All conditioning and indicating equipment are placed separately to avoid interference in analysis
  • Specially designed cation resin columns to provide redundancy to take care of refilling
  • Complete in-house manufacturing ensures strict quality control & ease in spares availability
  • Sample sequencing provided to optimise the requirement of multiple analysers
  • Thermal shut-off valve for safety of operator and equipment
  • Blow down arrangement to avoid plugging of sample line apparatus during start ups
  • No filters are required in our proprietary designs
  • Precise sample temperature control (25 DegC +/- 1 DegC) using chiller packages
  • Cooling water isolation skids for sites where cooling water quality is not up to mark (e.g. sea water is available for cooling)
  • Air conditioned containerized systems or shelters for sites where space is limited
  • Eco friendly designs of sample conditioning systems with very low electrical power consumption
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