Switches Loop Checks Procedure

We discuss about Switches Loop Checks Procedure. Switches like Level Switch, Pressure Switch, Temperature Switch loop checks.

Switches Loop Checks Procedure

Level, Pressure, Temperature Switches Loop Checks

  1. Check and verify the DCS / ESD configuration for applicable points.

  2. Simulate the contact operation (Make / Break) at the switch terminal block and verify the status in the DCS / ESD. However, ESD switch case actual pressure simulation to be provided with hand pump.

  3. ESD hand switches, Start / Stop, Open / Close shall be checked by operating the switch mechanism.

Hand Switches Loop Checks

  1. Power up loop, check contact status as expected.

  2. Check and verify the DCS/SIS configuration for applicable loop.

  3. Hand switches (Including SIS), Start / Stop, Open/Close shall be checked by operating the switch mechanism for both hardware & software switches.

  4. Complete QC documentation and sign off after clearance of punch list items.