System Architecture

Control system architecture depicts the architecture of the plant control systems and the interface among the systems required for overall operation of process plant.

The required Control System is determined by the level of functionality, complexity and safety of a plant. This may comprise of process control system, safety instrumented system, HIPPS, fire and gas system, package unit control system.

Control system architecture drawing shall also shows supervisory level equipment such as operators workstation, engineering workstation, HMI server, OPC server, historian server, control panel such as ESD panel (push button and lamp), fire and gas matrix and also network equipment.

Control system architecture shall clearly define the locations, both main locations, remote I/O locations, indoor/outdoor location, control room/building limit.

The major control, Ethernet and communication cables are also shown and specified.

The control system architecture is conceptual in nature and is used for specifying the requirements of the control system to the DCS Supplier. This drawing is provided as supporting documentation for the process control system requisition.

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