Temperature Control Switch

Temperature control switch is also referred to as: cold control, cooling control, thermostat, thermal switches. The temperature control switch can maintain constant indoor temperature at predetermined temperature limits. The tool can be used to regulate the temperature of air, water, salt water, fluids, etc. and in: rooms, cold storage, show case, refrigerator, salt water vessel and others.

Temperature control switch can regulate temperature in a room without touching a lot of attention. The tool can automatically disconnect and reconnect electrical current from the magnetic switch to electric motors, solenoid valves, electrical heaters and others. Control switch for the engine coolant temperature, when room temperature falls, its point of contact will open. After the room temperature rises again, the contacts will close again. Big cooler to adjust room temperature now is not much to wear low-pressure breaker switch, but using the temperature control switch.

Temperature control switch can be used to regulate low temperature (cooling) and high temperature (heating). Such a device can be placed in temperature-controlled room that is being placed outdoors or unregulated temperatures, but the thermal sensor tube must be placed indoors or on objects that temperature need to be controlled.

Temperature control switch for commercial refrigeration, thermal sensors are placed in refrigerated room, while the buttons and governing instrument can be placed outdoors.

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