Temperature measurement in industry

Temperature measurement in industry is usually done mainly by below methods

  • Direct :- RTD or Thermocouple
  • Indirect :-

Temperature transmitter are generally recommended where distance between sensing element is more than 250 ft to avoid lead wire error .

Sensing element immersed should be 4.5 inch to avoid stem conduction error

Temperature Elements can be directly connected to the controller but it requires

  • Temperature conversion cards
  • Multi-channel Temperature cards

RTD signal is generated in ohms or mV

Thermocouple signal is generated in mA

Immersion length should vary between 1/3 to 2/3 of pipe depending upon wake frequently calculation

  1. Thermowell(TIPS for Selection)

  2. Temperature Gauges(TIPS for selection)

  3. Temperature Element RTD

  4. Temperature Element Thermocouple

  5. Temperature Transmitter

  6. Optical Pyrometer

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