Temperature Measurement Lab Viva Questions

Temperature Measurement Lab Viva Questions. Do you know any other questions which are not covered in below list ? Share with us.

  1. Explain the Thermocouple junctions and different types of Reference junction

  2. Explain the fabrication of Industrial Thermocouple and protective sheath.

  3. Explain the Thermocouple laws.

  4. Explain Cold junction compensation in Thermocouple.

  5. What is Thermocouple? How Thermocouple is used for measuring temperature?

  6. Explain Fiber optic temperature measurement

  7. Explain Selective radiation pyrometer.

  8. Explain Optical radiation pyrometer.

  9. Explain Total radiation pyrometer.

  10. Explain Two-color radiation pyrometer.

  11. Explain Signal conditioning circuit for thermocouple.

  1. Explain filled system thermometers with its types

  2. What are the possible sources of errors in filled system thermometers and how it is

  3. Explain in detail about RTD and its characteristics

  4. Explain in detail about thermistors and its characteristics

  5. How temperature scale has been standardized? What are the fixed points and how they
    are used in temperature standards?

  6. Explain bimetallic thermometer and its types

  7. Discuss the electrical methods of measuring temperature

  8. Describe the construction and working of 3 wires and 4 wires RTDs.

  9. Explain the different types of expansion thermometers

  10. Discuss the various types of vacuum pressure measurement