Thermocouples Multi-room Wiring & EMI

I’m designing a system that is measuring pressure transmitters, thermocouples, and accelerometers and also triggering valves. The instrumentation will be placed in three separate rooms (20’ apart) with all of the wiring feeding back to central DAQ system.

The instrumentation is not fixed and will be changing frequently, so to make the design more flexible I would like to put a panel in each room that makes every input/output on the DAQ available for use. (30 thermocouples, 20 pressure sensors, 18 accelerometers, 20 valves)

In effect: a thermocouple could be plugged into thermocouple port 1 in room 1, or the same port in room 2, or room 3 and connect to the DAQ.

My concern is that, in this particular example, there will be some 40’ of unterminated wiring also connected to port 1 from rooms 2 and 3. I imagine this will cause a lot of EMI issues.

Is there a best practice for laying out a system in this way? Am I overthinking the potential for EMI issues? Could I get away with doing it this way? Is this done in industry?

Thank you for your feedback.

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There will be NO issue.

Just avoid laying the thermocouple cables around high-voltage electrical cables.

Are you using transmitters for each thermocouple? or direct wiring from TC to DAQ?

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