Thermowell Components

Major components of a thermowell are listed below:

Thermowell process connections: A thermowell is normally introduced and connected to the process containing liquid or gas media via a pressure- tight approach.

Thermowell Shank construction: Various types of thermowell shank constructions are available in the industry. Some of them are mentioned in a section below.

Q Dimension: The thickest part of the thermowell’s shank happens to fall into the hot region of the process connection and is generally referred to as Q dimension. Thermowell’s Q dimension size is associated to two other sizes. One is thermowell’s Bore size and the other one is process connection size.

Bore size: The internal diameter of a thermowell is referred to as thermowell’s bore size. Typical bore sizes of a thermowell are .260" and .385".

Thermowell Immersion Length: It is usually represented as the “U” length. It is the real length of the thermowell which is inserted into the process under measurement. It is determined by measuring from the base of the process connection to the thermowell’s tip.

Lagging Extension Length: It is usually denoted by “T”. This length is an extended version of the hex length of the thermowell and is typically positioned on the cold region of the process connections. Via this extension length, the temperature sensing probe and thermowell goes beyond the insulation or wall boundaries.