Thermowell Materials

Material for Wells

1 . Stainless steel.
2. Inconel.
3. Monel.
4. Alloy steel.
5. Hastelloy ‘C’.

Following are the materials which have been considered suitable for the construction of thermowells all around the world:

Carbon steels: It is the most inexpensive material used in thermowell construction. Owing to its low corrosion resistance its use is limited only to applications where low temperature and stress are involved.

Chrom/Moly steels: These are high strength steels used in pressure vessels and industrial boiler plant.

Stainless steel: It is also a cost effective material for thermowell construction which is mainly used in areas requiring high corrosion and heat resistance. A whole range of stainless steel materials is available in the industry.

Incoloy: It is an alloy made up of nickel, iron and chromium.

Inconel: It is an alloy made up of nickel and chromium.

Monel: It is an alloy made up of nickel and copper.

Hastelloy: It is an alloy made up of nickel, chromium, molybdenum and tungsten which is extremely corrosion resistant.

Haynes alloy: It is a multipurpose alloy which offers high quality resistance to sulphidising, carburising and chlorine bearing environments.

Titanium: This material is very light in weight and offers brilliant strength.