Turbine Master Fuel Trip (MFT)

Master Fuel Trip (MFT)

If any of the predetermined master fuel trip condition occurs a master fuel trip is initiated. The first out cause of trip indication is displayed and alarmed.

Conditions of a master fuel trip are:

  • All FD Fans off
  • All ID Fans off
  • Boiler air flow low for 3 secs
  • Loss of all fuel
  • Loss of all flame
  • Furnace pressure very high/Low
  • Drum level very high/low
  • Critical Flameout
  • Delayed light-up
  • Re-heater protection operated

Some more Conditions of a master fuel trip (continued) :

  • Loss of HT power
  • Loss of UPS power
  • Loss of 220V DC power
  • Condenser vacuum very low
  • MFT hard relay tripped
  • 2 out of 3 main processors failed
  • Both emergency trip push buttons operated

Any of the above occasions will result in a MFT

MFT can be reset when

  • None of the above trip conditions exist
  • Boiler purge is complete
  • Reset MFT is initiated