Types of Direction Control Valves

Directional valves control the way the air passes and are used principally for controlling commencement, termination and direction of air flow.

The different classification scheme of the pneumatic cylinders are given below

1. Based on construction

i) Poppet or seat valves

  • Ball seat valve
  • Disc seat valve
  • Diaphragm Valves

ii) Sliding spool valves

  • Longitudinal slide valve
  • Suspended spool valves
  • Rotary spool valves

2. Based on the Number of ports

i) Two way valves
ii) Three way valves
iii) Four way valves

3. Based on methods of actuation

i) Mechanical
ii) Electrical
iii) Pneumatic

4. Based on Size of the port

Size refers to a valve’s port size. The port sizes are designated as M5, G1/8, and G1/4 etc. M refer to Metric thread, G refer to British standard pipe (BSP) thread.

5. Based on mounting styles

i) Sub base
ii) Manifold
iii) In-line
iv) Valve island