Types of Heat Detectors

Heat or Thermal Detectors register the increase in temperature caused by a Fire.


a. Fixed Temperature

It triggers automatically when a preset ambient temperature is reached.

b. Rate of Rise

In addition to present trigger temperature, the rate-of rise detectors also evaluate the speed of temperature increase. If the temperature rises faster than the pre-set amount within a specific period, a rate-of-rise detector will trigger an alarm even if the set point trigger temperature has not actually been reached.

c. Rate Compensated

It responds when the temperature of the air surrounding the device reaches a predetermined level, regardless of the rate of temperature rise.

Linear Heat Detection (LHD) (also known as Linear Detection Wire or Linear Heat Detection Cable or Linear Heat ) is a very commonly used method of fire detection. It can detect a fire anywhere along the length of the cable, and can be of lengths in excess of a kilometer.

Applications can range from building fire alarm systems to mobile plant machinery.

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