Types of Heat Exchangers

Many types of heat exchangers can be found in industrial world and power plant. Heat exchanger has a lot of types; each type consists of tools that have been standardized to name tools and parts of heat exchanger by the association of heat exchanger maker which is known as Tubular Exchanger Manufactures Association (TEMA).

Standardization aims to protect the user from harm or damage to equipment, because heat exchanger is operating at high temperature and pressure.

In a standard mechanical TEMA, there are two classes of heat exchanger, namely:

  • Class R, which is for equipment that works with serious conditions, such as oil and heavy chemical industry.
  • Class C, which is made ​​for general purpose, based on economically and small size, used for general industrial processes.

Types of Heat Exchanger contained in the petroleum industry can be divided into:

  1. Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Type
  2. Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Type
  3. Coil Pipe Heat Exchanger Type
  4. Open Tube Section Type
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