Types of Load Cells

Load cell designs are classified on various bases.

They are classified according to the

Types of output signal generated

  1. Pneumatic
  2. Hydraulic
  3. Electric

Way they detect weight

  1. Compression: Compression load cells measure a pushing together force along a single axis

  2. Tension: Tension load cells measure a pulling apart force along a single axis

  3. Shear: Shear load cells measure the displacement of a structural element to find out force. Shear cell types for load sensors include shear beam, bending beam, or single point bending beam.

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The Load Cell Types are classified based on three criteria. They are

Working principle of a load cell

  • Construction of Load Cell
  • Electrical Properties of the load cell

Based on the Working Principle of the Load Cell

  • Compression Principle
  • Tensile based Working
  • Universal
  • Hollow
  • Shear Based

Based on the Construction of the Load Cell

  • S type Construction load cell
  • Load Button types
  • Single ended shear beam
  • Double ended shear beam Load cell
  • Single column and Multi Column load cell
  • Pancake Load cell
  • Diaphragm/membrane
  • Torsion Ring Load cell

Based on the Electrical Properties of the Load cell

  • Analog and Digital property based load cell
  • Resistance and Capacitance Based
  • Piezoelectric and Wireless Based Load cell