U-tube manometer Level Measurement Calculations

This post shows the u-tube manometer Level Measurement Calculations and find out the tank level using u-tube manometer.

u-tube manometer Level Measurement

A mercury (density 13600 kg/m3) u-tube manometer is used to measure the level of a liquid (density 1000 kg/m3) in a 5 meter high container, with the zero level of the manometer, exactly in line with the bottom of the tank.

Calculate the manometer reading h, if the tank level is 3 meter.

Equating pressures on the XY line:


∴Patm + 1000×(3 + ½h)×9.81 = Patm + 13600×h×9.81

∴3 + ½h = 13.6h

∴13.1h = 3

∴h = 0.229 m

h= 229 mm