Ultrasonic flow meter inspection

Which are the commons inspection (preventive maintenance) for ultrasonics flowmeters and what variables I shoud check (speed sound, velocity, noise, etc) which are the maximun and minimun values for acceptance. the flowmeter is for custody transfer. somebody have a guide or procedure?

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Ultrasonic meter inspection services include:

  • Collection and review of meter log files including speed of sound (SOS), signal acceptance rate, gain and gain limit data
  • Comparison of previous months trend or baseline logs to current test data to detect any change in performance which would indicate special maintenance is required to avert meter failure
  • Temperature and pressure values are verified and transmitters are calibrated where required and
  • Where online GC is associated, gas quality data is verified to ensure accurate SOS calculations
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thanks, but for speed of sound (SOS), signal acceptance rate, gain, gain limit data, etc. what are reference values, I dont have previous months trend.

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hi fxx,

can u give more details about your meter

make model no size

Profile Factor
Profile Curve

All the details u found in USM calibration certificate

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