Valve analog control

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i’m having a trouble with an actuator (Chinese Actuator M8300 series) ( this link is for the circuit description.
the problem is that we need a (4-20ma) output from the actuator, and the board responsible for that didn’t come with the actuator. However, the actuator has a display screen that show the position of the valve in percentage .

the question is : can i get use of modifying the control circuit so i can get the value of the position and use it in external remote screen ?

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As per the below statement, if you have “Hall Detection Board” then you can have the 4-20mA analog output for valve position status. We need to see this board configuration to confirm the same.

M8000 intelligent electric actuator (M83, M84) control board (circuit board) is mainly composed of the following circuit boards: CPU board (main control board / computer board), signal board, power board (or filter board, filter board), The motor drive board (control board) is composed of a Hall detection board (also called a acquisition board for valve position detection and motor speed measurement) and a terminal block. The following describes the appearance and function of these boards:

Make sure the existing display shows the real time valve position. sometimes, if you don’t have the required sensors/mechanism to read the valve feedback, the vendor may show command signal in percentage instead of real-time valve status.


thank you very much for replaying ,

i really don’t know if that is the case here , but we have the “drive board” that contain the hall sensor circuit .

but we don’t have the “signal board” that responsible for converting the sensor value to an analog 4-20ma signal .

so do you suggest to make our own and connect it to the hall sensor circuit.?

this is the “drive circuit / hall sensor circuit” that we have >>

and again , i really thank you :blush:

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If you have the hall sensor for valve feedback detection, then you need respective signal board.

The signal board is responsible for completing the analog input and valve position feedback output function.

We need datasheet of the boards or pin configuration for detailed analysis.

Please request OEM to provide the details.

Its better to use vendor provided circuit borads instead of custom-made/third-party circuits addition.

Also, as some relays are availbale on the motor board, check for the availability of OPEN or CLOSE feedback signals atleast inplace of 4-20mA signal feedback, meanwhile you can try for the analog position feedback.


thank you sir ,

i already check the digital auxiliary feed back output that should be found if the signal board is there ,unfortunately , the absence of the signal board has been confirmed .

i well try to find a way to get the feedback while i’m trying to get the board from the vendor because the shipping will take a lot of time .

thank you again

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