Valve Operators

The most common valve operator is the ‘Hand-wheel’. Other methods of valve operation can be as follows :


A) A Diaphragm

Here, the valve is operated by an air powered diaphragm. These are called ‘Pneumatic Control Valves’.

The air powered actuator can also take the form of a ‘Piston’ rather than a diaphragm. The operation of the valve, depending on requirements, may be ‘Air to Open’ (AO) or ‘Air to Close’ (AC).

B) An Electric Motor

This is called a ‘Motor Operated Valve’ (MOV) and may be installed to allow valve operation from a remote location and may then be referred to as a ‘Remote Operated Valve’ (ROV).

C) A Solenoid

This method of valve operation is used for a small valve placed in an air supply line to a shut-down device.

The solenoid will be activated on an electrical signal from an automatic trip system and will open or close depending upon its function.

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Note that a “valve operator” is often called a actuator.