Valve packing

Valve packing prevent leakage from the space between the stem and the bonnet. Valve Packing is commonly graphite ring, fibrous material (such as flax) or another compound (such as Teflon) that forms a seal between the internal parts of a valve and the outside where the stem extends through the body.

Valve packing must be properly compressed to prevent fluid loss and damage to the valve’s stem. If a valve’s packing is too loose, the valve will leak, which is a safety hazard. If the packing is too tight, it will impair the movement and possibly damage the stem.

Valve packing


Mostly graphite used for High temp application and teflon for low temp side


A sealing system that normally consists of a deformable material such as TFE, graphite, asbestos, etc. It is usually in the form of solid or split rings contained in a packing box that are compressed so as to provide an effective pressure seal…