Vibration Measurement Basics

Vibration Measurement Basics

  1. Axial Position
  • Thrust Position
  • Rotor Position
  1. Radial Position

  2. Differential Expansion

  3. Case Expansion

  4. Eccentricity

Axial Position

Thrust Position

  • Measurement of the position of the thrust collar in the thrust bearing assembly and how much bearing material may be used up.

  • The probes are mounted on the thrust bearing observing the movement of the rotor position within the thrust bearing.

Rotor Position

Radial Position:

radial posistion

Proximity Probes are used in The X-Y configuration to measure radial vibration, the dc signal from the transducer can be used to indicate the radial position of the rotor within the bearing

Differential Expansion

Case Expansion


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