Vibration Probes Loop Checks Procedure

We discuss about Vibration Probes Loop Checks Procedure. This involves vibration sensors loop checks, Vibration Monitoring System (VMS) loop checks and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) loop checks.

Vibration Probes Loop Checks Procedure

  1. Check and verify the VMS / DCS configuration for applicable points.

  2. Connect a spare probe to extension cable of applicable proximitors.( If applicable)

  3. Insert the probe into the TK-3 wobulator (Bently Nevada) and connect the Multi meter leads at proximitors terminals for check gap voltages.(If applicable).

  4. Adjust the probe at approximately (-10Vdc) gap voltages and reset VMS rack.( If pplicable)

  5. Simulate the signal by wobulator 0%, 50% and 100% of the range and verify the corresponding reading at VMS / DCS.( If applicable)

  6. Verify the response of the high and high alarms at VMS / DCS as per P&ID.

  7. Normalize the connection of extension cables. (If applicable)

  8. Actual probe gap voltage shall be adjusted to -10Vdc and check the point shows normal in VMS / DCS after VMS rack reset.( If applicable)