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Water level measurement


I have been wrestling with a water level measurement issue for years.

We have a pressure vessel ( 6 Bar max) that needs to be roughly 75% full of water at all times.

Currently we have a float inside that calls for air when the water level rises and hence, pushes the water level back down to setpoint.

The issue with this is that its quite a harsh environment ( pH , turbulence , some foaming etc).

My question is, does anyone have any better ideas that im missing or haven’t thought of?

Im proposing to use a DP and take the pressure difference between top and bottom as a level indication.

And as a side note, we dont need to know exact level (ie 4-20mA) At minimum we only need to be able to switch, but either is fine. The walls are fibre glass and the top and bottom fittings have bsp threads.

It also has to be relatively cost effective.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, You can use a DP Level Transmitter for measuring the level of a closed vessel.

Also you do not need a 0 to 100% level measurement, you can also consider level gauges with switch output (acts as level gauge cum level switch).


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Thanks for your help Santhosh.