What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Orifice Flow Meters?

Orifice Flow Meters


• Orifices are small plates and easy to install/remove.
• Offer very little pressure drop.
• Orifice meter can be easily maintained.
• Measures a wide range of flow rates.
• They have a simple construction.
• They have easily fitted between flanges.
• They are most suitable for most gases and liquids.
• They are inexpensive.
• Around 65% of pressure drop can be recovered.


• Requires homogeneous fluid.
• Requires single phase liquid.
• Causes a pressure drop in fluid.
• Their accuracy is affected by density, pressure and viscosity fluid.
• Fluid viscosity limits measuring range.
• Requires straight pipe runs to ensure accuracy is maintained.
• Pipe line must be fully especially for liquid flow measurement.
• They have low range ability.

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