What are the criteria for Temperature-ESD loop

Hello Everyone.

I am expected to develop an engineering package to install a new temperature loop that will be connected to our Emergency Shut down system.

The only part I am struggling with is the transmitter selection since I don’t have an experience with them.

So can anyone help me in identifying the correct criteria for the transmitter selection.


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For ESD, you need a safety transmitter which have fail safe options in the configuration.

You can contact Honeywell, Yokogawa or Emerson customer support.

  1. Check if you require SIL certified transmitters. If Yes, then ensure to communicate the correct SIL level that you require the transmitter to be to the vendors. Generally the transmitters that are supplied by the leading manufacturers are SIL-certified as default, but it is better to provide them the requirement.
  2. Ensure that the transmitter is write protected so that the configuration cannot be tampered with once installed and commissioned.
  3. Temperature transmitters come with an additional optional feature wherein you can connect 2 temperature elements in redundant mode and the transmitter will automatically switch-over to take input from other element if the primary element fails. Since this is an Emergency shutdown application and in case you are using duplex type temperature elements then you can preferably go for this option.

You’re only going to use one temperature transmitter for an ESD?