What is a diaphragm valve?

what is a diaphragm valve ?

A diaphragm valve is a linear motion valve that is used to start, regulate, and stop fluid flow. The name is derived from its flexible disk, which mates with a seat located in the open area at the top of the valve body to form a seal.

Construction & Working Principle of Diaphragm valve

Working Principle of Diaphragm valves are, in fact, simple “pinch clamp” valves. A resilient, flexible diaphragm is connected to a compressor by a stud molded into the diaphragm. In valve diaphragm ,the compressor is moved up and down by the valve stem. Hence, the diaphragm lifts when the compressor is raised. As the compressor is lowered, the diaphragm is pressed against the contoured bottom in the straight through valve or the body weir in the weir-type.A straight through type diaphragm valve is shown below.

what is a diaphragm valve